Volkswagen Touareg – vision for the road ahead

When Volkswagen launched the new Touareg it combined the very latest technology, design and innovation in one all-conquering SUV. We were asked by VW to give readers of The Times a visually arresting campaign that evoked the inspirational experience you get from driving it.

Our response: a visionary six-page translucent wrap

We created a six-page translucent cover wrap of Saturday Times Weekend. The wrap espoused a bold vision concept that mirrored the Volkswagen Touareg’s Innovision Cockpit (with head-up display for better driver safety) and Night Vision capabilities.

We commissioned hand lettering artist Oli Frappe to craft a bold quote on the front and back of our outer translucent cover. Turn the page and the quote reveals a bespoke CGI image of the car.

 On a second, inner translucent spread we produced two inspirational quotes in one. Lift the translucent to reveal a simple truth: IT TAKES REAL VISION TO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY.