Specsavers – 20/20 vision

Varifocal content lenses – not a particularly sexy subject. How about a collection of celebrities looking at their careers and discussing visions for the future? Now that sounds like a compelling read.

When Specsavers tasked us with increasing awareness of its varifocal contact lenses, we thought long and hard how we could create content that would excite Times readers, while conveying the product benefits.

We settled on an interview series aptly named 20/20, where we would ask a range of celebrities 20 questions in 20 minutes. The language would centre on sight and vision – lots of “looking back over your career” and “did you always have your sights set on…” – and would weave in each celebrity’s personal eyesight story into the feature. Then, in a side column we would showcase the benefits of varifocal contact lenses, tailoring the copy to link to the themes of the interview.

First up was DJ and broadcaster Trevor Nelson on the highs and lows of three decades in the music industry. Next, Wimbledon commentator Andrew Castle talked about his love of all things SW19 in an interview published the weekend before the championship final. Interior designer Kelly Hoppen discussed her eye for detail and Monica Galetti explained how, while filming for Masterchef, she first realised she needed glasses.

We also worked with Monica Galetti to produce a video in which she spoke openly about her deteriorating eyesight, how it affected her work in the kitchen and why contact lenses help her to maintain her eye for detail amid the hustle and bustle of restaurant life. The video was shot at her London restaurant Mere and posted on The Sunday Times Facebook page, with shorter edits running through V Studio.

Specsavers and the talent alike were thrilled with the series, claiming that it was a great project to be a part of.

Now that’s how you get Times readers to open their eyes to varifocal contact lenses.