Loubiworld – Scents of wonder

After the rollercoaster that was 2020, many of us would love to wave a magic wand and be transported to faraway places.

With globetrotting off the agenda for now, we wanted to embolden our audience to realise that travel can take other forms – that our wanderlust desires can be fulfilled from the comfort of our own home.

Whether that’s through different objects, smells, materials, artisanship and stories – these things can all inspire us and make us dream.

This rings true for the new Loubiworld perfume collection, which takes the consumer on a sensory journey through the imagination and memories of the fashion brand’s famed designer, Christian Louboutin.

For the Style shoot, we commissioned the photographer Martina Lang and paper artist Hattie Newman to build a bespoke red travel case to be filled with sand and the new range of Loubiworld fragrances, each one inspired by the countries and cultures Louboutin has experienced.

The concept was that the perfumes are a key to unlock a sensorial sense of the travel and adventure we’re all so missing at the moment.