Gucci – Neon Nights


Time, they say, is relative – and never more so than in the run-up to Christmas. For children it seems to tick by so slowly from one advent chocolate to the next. For adults embracing the greater hours of darkness and the neon nightlife of London, Paris and New York, the hours can slip by without notice.
Time cannot be stopped – no matter what we do, it will always trickle away through our fingers – but it can be harnessed. With Gucci‘s range of exquisite watches we can see time travel, and ensure that we spend it wisely.

We were challenged to promote Gucci‘s range of exquisite watches in an alternative Christmas Story that replaced sparkle for neon. We wanted to create a lo-fi, post Stranger Things original take on the traditional festive gifting aesthetic and commissioned photographer Luke Kirwan and set builder Zena May Hendrick to bring the story of Neon Nights to life using hand models, props and incredible lighting.

In a premium article that ran in The Times, we demonstrated how Gucci can help make your Christmas time brighter, more adventurous, more unconventional. We showed that the best gift is the gift of time, and with Gucci you can leave the conventional in the past, and spend your nights in vivid neon.