Five things we can learn from the new kid on the block

There’s a little British fashion brand making big a big splash across the pond. It doesn’t do catwalks, bucks all the current fashion trends and was started by a 17-year-old with no experience in the fashion world.

But House of CB’s Conna Walker has achieved the seemingly impossible and is now dressing the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Baldwin and the entire Kardashian klan in her figure-hugging designs.

House of CB is one of the world’s fastest-growing clothing brands, with stores in Leeds, Manchester Liverpool and Los Angeles, and has a global base of online shoppers.

So what can we learn from House of CB?

1.     The strength of celebrity endorsement

The power of the celebrity is not to be sniffed at – A-list fans have proved priceless for the growth of House of CB, Walker told Elle magazine. “It has given us a lot of credibility that could have taken a lot longer to gain. The Kardashian effect is very real, so whenever they wear anything it sells out immediately.”

2.     The importance of social media

Walker also credits social media with a big slice of her brand’s success. The brand has more than one million followers on Instagram and posts pictures of beautiful models and celebrities wearing the latest collection round the clock.

3.     Buck the trend

While the runways were offering androgyny, House of CB (or Celeb Boutique as it was formerly known) was leading the movement towards sexy, slinky silhouettes. Love it or loathe it, figure-hugging is back taking centre stage. The lesson to be learnt? Dare to be different.

4.     Know your audience

Part of the appeal of House of CB is the price tag. Separates start from £59 and dresses a little over £100. “When I first started out I was designing for me. It wouldn’t have made sense to sell pieces to 18-year-olds that would cost £1,500,” Walker said. Getting your price point, marketing strategy and content aligned with your audience is key from the off.

5.     Keep evolving

House of CB launch a new product every Monday so there’s always something new for its Instagram followers and online shoppers to lust after. And Conna already has a vision for the future. There’s a denim collection on the horizon and plans to move into lifestyle products.

Whether you’re a fan of this head-turning style of dressing or not, we can all learn something from the success of the British brand with humble bodycon beginnings.