BA100 – One Vision

As part of our cross-platform campaign to celebrate 100 years of British Airways, we created an 8 page ‘pull out and keep’ supplement that explored the enduring musical relationship between the UK and the US. From a new generation of country musicians, to the ‘special relationship’ formed on the dance floors of clubs in both countries, the supplement celebrated the music that has brought the US and UK togetherĀ for decades.

Bridge Studio’s Creative Director Sachini Imbuldeniya came up with the concept of having an American blues musician and a British rock star made out of the cassette reel from one tape, and commissioned CGI artist Ben Fearnley to execute it. The idea was to highlight this shared ‘One Vision’ and showcase how despite being on opposite sides of the Atlantic, the UK and US have influenced each other throughout music history.

The CGI illustration featured on the cover of the supplement that was published on Saturday 29th June 2019 in The Times.